Problems with using Nitrous Oxide flame. AA240FS

Hi, I have been having problems with our AA240FS's Nitrous oxide burner.

We recently purchased a new MK7 nitrous oxide burner, I was trying to measure Vanadium with it but i get no signal at all from it, i tried up to 1000ppm solutions and not even the tiniest bit of signal. Also tested with Titanium and got the same results.

I think it might have something to do with the gas flows, i am not seeing the characteristic red cone of the nitrous oxide flame no matter how i try to change the flame stoichiometry. I am using good quality nitrous oxide and Acetylene, both fed at pressures well within the recommended ranges. What might be the problem? I have tried all i can think of: Burner positioning, Different lamps, adjusting nebulizer, adjusting sample uptake rate, even using an A/A flame. The lamps are fully functional as shown by them giving good results when installed into our GFAAS.

I am running out of ideas on what to do, anyone have anything that might solve this?

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