Hi there, Agilent AAS with SpektrAA 5.3 Software. Cant print out the methods, while printing of analysis date is working fine. Can see the Report Preview, but not close this window. Trying printout opens a window for a half second, but nothing else.

Printing Problem SpektrAA 5.3

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    I have seen this before- if certain report settings are selected but no data has been collected (for example, you haven't completed a calibration but have selected calibration graph report to be included in the report settings) the report will not print. In your case, if you are trying to print a blank method, you will need to deselect almost everything that would require collected data in order to report in the report settings, and only include method parameters, notes, ect.

    Hope that makes sense


  • Many thanks for the solution. It works perfectly. Things can be so simple, if you know why.

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