Background Correction 5110

What is the best way to chose between an off peak left and/or right peak or a fitted background correction for an Agilent 5110.  I read in the user manual not to use a fitted correction if you are using IECs, can someone explain to me why?

  • With IECs, you are creating factors which will then correct for spectral interferences. Fitted background correction uses algorithms which also correct for spectral interferences. So you don't need 2 competing techniques of correcting for spectral interferences. IECs are more commonly accepted by EPA auditors, which is why most environmental customers set up IECs and collect the factors. With IECs you must use off-peak background correction and the best way to select them is to review your calibration data and look at each wavelength to ensure the off-peak correction is good. For example, if you examine a wavelength and there is a peak to the right you would not want to use off-peak right. You would change it to off-peak left instead. 

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