OneNeb series 2

I now have a oneNeb series 2 and it is all loose in our inert single pass chamber for the MP-AES. I don't use our inert chamber often so it is the first time this come up.

Do I need to buy some kind of fitting?

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  • Hi Vicky,

    What type of inert spray chamber is used, maybe you need the correct o-ring for the Agilent inert spray chamber?

    And is the OneNeb 2 nebulizer used before in an cyclonic glass spray chamber.

    Sometimes the OneNeb 2 is fitted to tight in a glass cyclonic spray chamber when the Hexil type of connection is used. Then the OneNeb is bended a little bit inwards. Due to that the OneNeb is to small and could be to lose into the hole of the spray chamber. Maybe this the issue.

    When a brand new OneNeb 2 is used and the problem isn't there then this is the issue.

    If the problem is still with a brand new Agilent Inert Spray Chamber (with the correct o-rings) and brand new OneNeb 2 please contact you local sales person for advice.



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