Torch alignment and wavelength calibration fails on 725 OES

I've remake all the solutions, cleaned neb and torch, new tubing.  It ran last week but this week i can't get it to run

  • I know you said you cleaned the nebulizer but do you have a brand new nebulizer available for troubleshooting?

    When you cannot perform a torch scan or wavelength calibration, it either means there is something going wrong in the sample introduction area, or the pre-optics/optics has a problem.   Have you checked the injector tube of the torch to ensure there is no residue or blockage? 

  • if no aerosol in spray chamber then nebulizer is block. After that you can check injector tube.

  • Most of the time the problem is due to the clogged nebulizer or other sample introduction problems. However, if you have made a torch align in these conditions it is likely that the mirror has reached full scale. Go to the torch align Tab of the Instrument status, set the Vertical box to 8 and Horizontal box to 0 (zero) (you probably have to log in with the diagnostic password "wallaby" then disable autorefresh); then don't do it until you are sure there is a good signal. Check the calibration file (C: \ Program Files \ Varian \ ICP Expert II 7xx-ES \ Run \ log for ver 1.XXX or C: \ Users \ Public documents \ Varian \ ICP Expert II \ Log for ver. 2. xxx) WavelenghtCalibration.txt brings all lines to low intensity.

    Even if you see the spray in the spray chamber check with a solution of Yttrium at 1000 ppm or Ca, Na, K, at 500 ppm if the torch is intensely colored otherwise it means that the nebulizer is not working correctly. Only when you are sure that there is emission in the torch perform the wavelenght calibration.

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