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Mass Hunter 4.1. I need increased resolution for observation 181Ta in presence 182W (1 gramm/liter). Startup optimization,  Resolution/Axis and Autotune is completed.

My Batch contains Tune Mode with mark Narrow Peak.

But when analyzing the samples, the resolution of the peaks did not change!

Resolution/Axis tunning is not appeared in my Batch-Tune!

I don't understand the Mass Hunter logic! How can I reduce the resolution to 0,4 a.e.m.?

  • Thanks, figured it out. I used User Tune instead of Autotune.  The resolution settings from Startup Setting are not transferred to Batch in this case.

  • Hi,


    maybe there is something wrong in the batch settings used for this narrow peak shape. important is als the amount of Ta compare to the W. Is the W concentration to much even then an overlap of the W182 tail could happen.


    Set up a method with the two modes : NoGas std and NoGas narrow peak.

    Including 20  points as peak pattern.

    run the following:


    10 ppb Ta (alone)

    10 ppb Ta mixed with 0.1 g/L W

    10 ppb Ta mixed with 1g/L W


    With those conditions, you should be able to see a difference in peak shapes between the two modes.

    please also check the MassHunter help for more explanation of the narrow peak function. it's important that also the axis resolution is run in the advanced acquisition mode to set the narrow peak axis en resolution correctly.

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