Cooling water temp/flow related errors on 7700x


A user in our lab encountered some cooling water errors last week during a session that shutdown the plasma on our 7700x and I have not been able to overcome them after many attempts today. 


Errors in order from initial problem:

  • 2400, Warning: Cooling water (IF) flow rate is low (12:56  2020-11-06 Friday)
  • 2403, Warning: Cooling water temperature is high (13:22 2020-11-06 Friday)
  • 1402, Error: Cooling water temperature is too high (14:53  2020-11-06 Friday)
  • 1432, Error: Inside housing temperature is too high (15:27  2020-11-09 Monday)
  • 1432, Error: Inside housing temperature is too high (15:32  2020-11-09 Monday)
  • 1432, Error: Inside housing temperature is too high (15:37  2020-11-09 Monday)
  • 1432, Error: Inside housing temperature is too high (15:54  2020-11-09 Monday)


Thus far, I have flushed heat exchanger with distilled water multiple times and ensured hose to inlet of heat exchanger had flow returning from mass spec. However, the Water RF/WC/IF meter reads 0.00 L/min upon running heat exchanger, which is concerning. Water temp meter reads 29.1 deg C. All filters were recently cleaned and new polyclear was added and topped off in reservoir upon circulation for a few minutes. Today, I'm only getting errors of "inside housing temperature is too high" so I confirmed that exhaust duct is functioning. 


A few uneducated guesses: faulty temperature sensor, blockage in water manifold (flow rate reads 0), and/or chiller not cooling polyclear appropriately?  


Thanks for any insight!

  • Hi Joel,


    there is a lot of things going on with your instrument. Has the water flow been measured in standby mode (plasma off)? In this case there is no water flowing through the instrument. You have to go to hardware -> sample intro -> maintenance and activate SC cooling for the water flow to start. 

    This shouldn't impact the housing temperature though. Can you measure the flow of the exhaust?


    Best regards


  • Moving to Atomic forum. I am guessing this is resolved by now, sounded like the flow sensor in the water manifold. The manifold would need to be replaced to resolve the issue. Did I guess correctly?



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