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To utilize high energy helium mode for a 7900 ICP-MS, in the MassHunter Batch under Acq Method do I just call the tune subtab "HEHe" or is it "HEhe"? I ask because in the student manual it states that, “HEhe mode" refers to high energy helium mode, but the manual also refers to "HEHe" as high energy helium mode. I then assume that when the correct name for the high energy helium mode is entered into the tune tab, the instrument automatically changes the required parameters?


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  • HEllo,

    Using HEHe mode is not about naming it. the spelling doesn't have any influence on the parameters.

    A standard HEHe mode is a mode where Helium flow is higher than standard He mode and some lenses are more negative (Cell entrance, Deflect...) (see picture 1 below).

    Using the button next to the He mode to add a new mode will mostly result in a copy of the Helium mode.


    the best way to add a High Energy Helium mode into your batch is to import it from an existing batch.


    To do this : 

    * Open the batch that doesn't have HEHe,

    * Got to File / Import from existing batch

    * Navigate to one of your batch where a standard HEHe mode has been used. (if you don't have one, you can create a batch from preset method)

    * Select only the tune mode to be added (see picture 2 below) and press OK

    * Name it the way you want.

    * In the HEHe tab, Adjust the plasma mode to fit the ones already in your Batch (Low Mx, General purpose, HMI...). See

    picture 3


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    Picture 1 : High Energy Helium parameters


    Picture 2 : Importing HEHe mode from existing batch options :


    Picture 3 : Plasma mode selection.

  • Hi Guillaume,


    Thanks very much for the excellent explanation, this has helped a lot.


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