Frozen spray chamber

Dear all. i found that spray chamber was frozen and the chiller's temp was 20.  could you tell me why the spray chamber was frozen ??? Model : ICP-MS 7900



symptom :  The vent line was not correctly working. 5% Nitric acid is venting a little bit.


                 Sensitivity is too low because sample sprayed is frozen in the spray chamber .

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    The chiller is only for cooling the peltier element of the spray chamber. The spray chamber itself, is normally cooled to 2 degrees for aqua samples. It could be checked what the temperature is by "View" in the menu pane then "Meters..." and the select the "SC Temp". if it's not around or far bellow the 2 degrees when the plasma is on for 5 minutes then the spray chamber body or internal board has an issue. Then please contact you local Agilent Service Department.



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