ICP Expert software: Can a calibration be inserted into a run during the run?



Is there a way to arbitrarily insert a calibration in the middle of a run? The nature of our analysis is basically running discrete samples as part of a run over the course of a few days. Like any analysis, recalibration sometimes is necessary for a variety of reasons. The problem lies in that if I recalibrate during a run, the worksheet recalculates all the values. If a sample was analyzed shortly after the original calibration, I’d like to preserve those data, as they are likely closer to the true value. I realize I can start a new worksheet, but I’d rather just insert a calibration when I need to. I am also aware that I can set the method to include calibrations during a run, but as far as I can tell, that has to be determined before the run as part of the method and cannot be altered.

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