Tuning at high amu transitions in O2 mode on 8900



We're trying to develop a method for Pu analysis on our 8900 instrument (measuring the dioxide transitions 239->271 and 240->272) and would like to tune at higher mass transitions in O2 mode but we can only go up to 260 in the auto tune acquisition parameters (MassHunter 4.3 Version C.01.03 Build 505.16 Patch 3). Is it possible to set auto tune to use higher mass transitions (e.g. 238->270), and/or is this function available in more recent versions of MassHunter? Any advice for tuning for these sorts of higher mass reactions?




Elliott Hamilton

  • Hi Elliott,


    it seems to be possible to add the transition from 238->270 and 240->272 into the MassHunter software 4.6 (G7201C.01.06) .

    However, it's confirmed with demo software not with a real measurement. So please check this with your local sales representative. the upgrade from 4.3 to 4.6 is not for free. if you subscribe for a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) you can download for one year the latest MassHunter and patches for MassHunter for free. Also software phone support is included.  

    Cheers Edgar

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