ICP-MS 7700x Error:1212


   After the icp-ms device has been working in the plasma on position for 15-20 minutes, it gives Error: 1212 and Error: 1233 error. Forward power and refleckted power values constantly vary.

   After turning the icp-ms device into the shut down position, everything turns back to normal after removing all electrical connections and starting the device again.

   When Icp-ms moves the device to plasma on position it gives the same error again.


   I would be glad if you help me. Thank you.

  • Hi.


    You should check the error code that occurred first at the same time.
    At the time, check the changes made by the customer.
    If there are any changes made by the customer, the problem will most likely occur there.
  • Hi,


    it could be several parts in the icp-ms that give those errors. if you check the help and type the error number you could find the relating part of the instrument that give this error. 

    in this case the 1212 error 1233 error is relating to the 48V power supply. But be aware, most of the time more errors appear on the same time in the error list. it's important to know what error came first.

    If the sample intro parts are correct and were possible replaced already. And there is no problem with the spray chamber drain or a air leak around the spray chamber end cap (sometimes this happens with older 7700 systems) or couplings between the spray chamber and torch then there is an internal hardware problem. please contact Agilent if an internal error is the issue and give the full error list to them to figure out what's the real problem.

  • The plasma 48V errors means Ar gas leak, interlock error, hardware problem.


    I recommend below check points.


    1. Checking Ar gas leak in sample introduction(torch, nebulizer, Spray chamber, end cap).

    - Replace sample introduction with cleaned or new one.

    - You should check nebulizer gas connector. Sometimes, people doesn't replace it when changing nebulizer. But, this part MUST be replaced.

    2. Checking a elbow Ar gas connector.


    - If It looks like old one, it should be replaced. They could make a Ar gas leakage.


    3. Interlock error and hardware problem.

    - Plasma cover and main cover interlock switch concern 48V errors.

    - I experienced bad power supply could occurred same problem. In my case, plasma running time was 1 hour then off.

    - This case need Agilent engineer service.


    Good luck to you.

  • Hi,

    do you have checked the back of the instrument.

    Sometimes (or should i say often) there is a lot of dust in front of the fans, or other obstacles that block the air flow through the instrument.

    This causes such shutdowns after the plasma was on for some time.


    Another case is that someone installed the drain tubing at the peri pump the wrong way. It than takes about 15-20min to fill the spray chamber completely, which will end in a plama shut off. (edgar mentioned it already, but i wanted to point this out again)


    Best of Luck


  • Your experience is very helpful to me.

  • Although I did all that was said, an error did not go away.

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