Assistance for electrode clean in atomic absorption 280Z AA

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                Hi friends, I changed new graphite
And did tube cleaning but still I have a absorbance problem in 280ZAA machine. If y don't my can you tell me how to clean the electrodes , if you have any data and service manual  about cleaning the electrodes please send it to me.
  • Hi Bala,


    after replacement i always clean the electrodes and shroud by blowing some clean, canned air over and through them to remove graphite dust formed during replacement.

    After that i clean the graphite parts with clean  acetone.  Use a wooden  cotton swap and clean the electrodes and shroud inside and out. Let them dry for a while.

    BTW: don´t touch the graphite parts with bare hands. Use gloves. Try to avoid rubbing the tools too much against the graphite parts when replacing them.

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