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hi i have problem in agilent atomic absorption machine , absoption rseult value showing on -(negative) lamp  is new one graphite also new one, arsenic result only showing in negative values , what was the problem anyone guite me how to solve this series

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    You might want to start buy optimizing the signal for the lamp through the furnace before doing anything else to ensure that you are getting light transmitted through the furnace. There are instructions in the help how to do this.

    Once you have done this, use one of the cookbook methods and try a standard just to see if things are working



  • I think the minus Abs come from not fully warm up Hollow Cathode Lamp or matrix difference sample and standard solutions(include blank) for calibration.


    First, You should have a least 30 min warm up HC lamp time.

    HC lamp need an warm up time. Its intensity is more brighter as time goes on.

    Finally, a transmittance is increased. Abs is decreased by this situation.

    You could check it in Optimize window.

    If you have not fully warm up time, the blank Abs is not valid when measuring sample.


    Second, Sample's solvent has more background abs than std, blank solvent.

    You should measure any Std(CCV) for calibration as sample. If it same known concentration, the problem is difference matrix.

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