SemiQuant not corrected

What is the reason for not corrected SemiQuant analysis. Standards are defined in the method for SemiQuant. But the SemiQuant window Output Always says "not corrected". The choise for "advanced Parameter" is hooked.



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    Here are a few things to try:

    1. Make sure Semi-Quant Analysis is checked on the Data Analysis Method screen
    2. From the Semi-Quant tab, you must add all of the elements included in your SQStandard. This is done by right-clicking -> add/remove standard element -> selecting each element by atomic number. This is the same process for using main data or quick scan. Quick scan is more common to use. 
    3. Your sample list must contain a SQBlk and SQStd as sample types.
      • After you run these 2 sample types, all following samples will show a "Corrected" and "Not Corrected" factor on the SQ Factor Graph



    Hope this helps!

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