hmi problem

HMI seems not working in agilent icp ms 7800,anyone can answer?

  • Hi,


    could you give more information like when does it happen and what are the symptoms?


    If the full startup runs without errors, especially the plasma correction then the HMI is setup.

    In the plasma correction the HMI offset is defined. With the offset the gasdillution is used in the batch.

    When a batch is running and in "Meter" the option/DU gas is show and a HMI mode is selected the option/DU gas give a gas flow between 0.2 and 0.7.

    So if the MHI is selected in the plasma mode in the batch the HMI should be working.


    please contact your local Agilent service provider for faster response if needed.

  • I already checked the system as what you've said, but i think hmi gas is not functioning  properly because i  performed bubble method using 2 percent nitric acid solution no single bubble was observed, and also during analysis the glass connector always get cloudy outside.

  • Seems to be a problem with the gas connection or the gas supply. but the last is very rare. check the gas connections from side of icpms to the nebulizer, nebulizer end cap and HMI connector on the glass transfer tube for proper and leak free connection. If no problem found, please contact your local Agilent agent for more help or onsite support.

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