Bravo: Dropping tips with liquid in them

Hi everyone.

I am making a protocol for a Bravo with an ST96 head, where I need to drop the tips into trash, but the software will not allow me to do that when I have liquid left in the tips.

Obviously I could just dispense the rest back into the source plate, but that would be plan D.  Is there somewhere a setting in the protocol or the software which would allow me to drop tips eventhough there is liquid left in them?

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  • Hi Arnar,

    I apologize for replying so late, but I would like to find out if you still need help with this?

    Are you working with AssayMap protocols or you have created your own protocol?

    would you be able to send us VZP file so we could take a look at it.

    The way things setup normally is that you will have issue dropping tips with liquid in them.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Agilent Tech,

    Automation Tech support.

  • Hi.

    Yes, this is still an issue for me.  I am using my own protocol.  I have sent an email to the address you specified, but I am unable to locate the VZP file.  Where is that located?

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  • This case was resolved offline.  If you encounter a similar issue, we recommend that you contact us at  Be sure to provide the VZP file, so we know what you working on.  The VZP file can be created in VWorks by clicking on File and selecting Export.

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