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This is strictly speaking not an AssayMAP question, but more a general Bravo question, but I'll let it fly in this forum Slight smile

I am new to Bravo and VWorks and am creating my first protocol.  However I seem to be stuck when trying to use labware on the deck.

No matter what labware I use or which location, when I compile the protocol, I get the following error message: Location incompatible with labware "~~labware name~~"

The deck is defined with "Standard pads".

There must be some setting I am overlooking, but simply can't find it.

Is there anyone who has come across this before?

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  • Hello Arnar,

    It sounds like an important setting in labware entry is missing. Please go into labware editor on your VWorks software (Tool -> Labware Editor). Find and choose the labware which you are using from the list. On "Labware classes" tab, please move "Uses standard platepad" from the left pane to the right. Then save the labware and please see if it go through by compiling the protocol.

    Hope this helps,

    Tomo Hosono

  • Thank you Tomo!  Problem solved.

    I had checked the labware editor earlier, but I hadn't noticed the 'Labware classes' tab.

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