• license openlab file in XP

    Hi  community

    We have 6890N in our lab using chemstation with old pc XP software. I try to find license file but I couldn't find it.  

    Where can I find the license openlab file in XP software.?

    any help



  • Chromatogram settings at different scales


    We need that in the intelligent report the chromatograms appear in scales according to the type of injection.

    For example, in the limit solution we need to see the peak of the entire standard (see image) and in the samples we need to expand…
  • Function not defined for arguments supplied when loading method error. MassHunter 10.1 Compliance mode

    I have been having a problem with Masshunter Data Acquisition v 10.1 in Compliance Mode. When trying to load a method I get a error stating “Function not defined for arguments supplied”. For the life of me I could not clear the error out. Reinstalling…

  • Li 670.783 by 5900 ICP-OES

    We recently got a 5900 ICP-OES I have noticed that Li 670.783 has better recovery for the middle standards in my curve when viewed in radial mode than it does when viewed in SVDV.  The middle standards (20, 10, 5 ppm) are recovering about 115% in SVDV…

  • Macros to get method temperatures

    I'm trying to do the following on a 6850 GC running Chemstation C.01.07 SR2

    (a) Get current oven temperature

    (b) Get current method oven programming details: mainly the initial temperature and the final temperature

    (c) Possibly be able to read a method…

  • error gas scp write channel icp-oes

    Hello, anyone here know what happen with my icp-oes?

    i got error message '' gas scp write channel" and icp-oes unable to running due plasma ignition failed, the icon plasma also blinked many times.

    Thank you. 


  • Calibration GC

    Hi  community

    I have a simple question it may sound strange,

    what is perfect duration of calibration GC ,some labs do it every six months to save standards but use cheap SQC sample ( Statistical quality control) every week  and some every month.


  • Front inlet restriction test failure

    The front inlet on my GC8890 is failing the restriction test. It passes the leak test no problem and I've done everything I can think of to fix it. I've replaced the septa, checked the gold seal, trimmed the column, baked the column, and checked the inlet…

  • MassHunter qual error - One or more values in "Export destination AppSettings" are invalid.

    How do I fix this error? 

  • Setting AVS 7 for trace element analysis

    Hello, i'm working on developing methode of chromium in milk powder by ICP-OES 5110, i used to set up the AVS 7 as attached on pic and it have been having bad replicates, it's always on 3rd replicates meanwhile on 1st and 2nd replicates is fine. Anyone…