• ICP-MS 7500a calibration and PA factor not works

    Hi. I have some question regarding my instrument. I had run linear calibration 1.0ppb, 2.0, 5.0, 10, 25 and 100ppb. However, 100pbb always falls on analog so the point are really far away and not touching the line. Is it normal to have pulse and analog…

  • Secours

    Hello, need help how to set up the agilent 7890A machine to perform an ECD analysis with the objective of obtaining signaling peaks.

  • FLD noise and drift

    What is the difference between Baseline noise/drift and detector noise/drift when assessing FLD performance? How do I go about establishing acceptable parameters when testing FLD detector performance?

  • Cary 60 Wavelenght Accuracy and Photometric Accuracy Tests Fail

    Hi Everyone,

    Due to random readings of my samples, i ran wavelength and photometric accuracy test. Both of them fails, do i need to replace the lamp or is it because of the wavelength drive gear?


  • Exporting data to Excel

    Hello everyone,

    Is it possible to export the data of a result set (sample name and compound amount) directly into an existing Excel file with Openlab 2.5 ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • CP-Chirasil-Dex CB Columns: bad separation p&m-xylene

    Hi everyone!

    I have brand new PGC Yokogawa 8000 equipped CP-Chirasil-Dex CB Columns with  FID detector and Liquid Sample Valve (LSV) set at 170C deg. The problem is GC can’t separate m-Xylene from p-Xylene in low concentrations.

    Component name

  • Batch the integration spectra runs from sequence table

    Looking for a way to batch print the integration spectra of multiple runs from a sequence table. I'd like to have the spectra for various wavelengths printed for each run within a sequence table. Each run could be a separate PDF or all the run could be…

  • Reporting Sample Description CDS OpenLab 2.4

    Reported Sample description does not match description in the injection list?

    Value entered in the data analysis mode injection list "MB 80 Prec"

    Reported value "MB 80 Prec<br/>"

  • SPS3 failure initializing


    I have a problem with a SPS3 during initializing,  It appears LEDs 2 and 4 ON, when it had to move along X axis.  I have change all boards, cables and encoders wheels. Do you know what it means LED 2 and 4 ON????

  • ICP 7800 not powering on

    Hello everyone,

    Past the limits of my troubleshooting ability on this issue.

    On Monday, our main ICP 7800 was powered down after leaving it in standby over the weekend.  Nothing happens at all when turning on the instrument with the on button in the front…