• RE: 8355 SCD high output

    The SCD is fixed. The reaction cell was replaced and the tech adjusted the oxidizer/hydrogen flow ratio. The oxidizer flow was lower than the hydrogen flow which can cause problems over time. The output is currently fluctuating between 50 and 60 pA while…

  • ALS on 8890 - configuration ?

    Hello all,

    Trying to figure out where or how to change ALS configuration on the touch pad from Front Injector to Back Injector and vice- versa?



  • FID won't stay lit


    Over the past month, our 8860 GC will not remain lit.  We can get it to light initially, but eventually the FID signal will fall below the FID offset (which I have changed from 2pA to 0.5pA).  This will usually happen after a few injections.  Our flows…

  • Hplc RID

    Hi,I am using RID to analyse sugar. (100% water mobile ).

    I have a drift which goes only down,when I stop the pump it goes slowly down.i purged both cells and fluch the RID with isopropanol,water,(70% ACN _30 % water ) no way.

    Any one can tell me where…

  • Agilent 1200 series HPLC installation

    Hi, All

    We have a used Agilent 1200 series HPLC, but after I installed them, the Chemstation still showed all the components are offline. Can someone help us for the installation,please? It is better to have a video or manual. 

    Thank you very much

  • RE: How do I create a Calibration Curve in OpenLab CDS 2.5 using an Internal Standard


    Internal standard questions.  If the same concentration of internal standard is the same for all standards and samples, then it doesn't matter what value is used.  If it is different for different samples, put the correct value in the sequence…



    Interconnect spring replaced and problem solved.

  • RE: Is 8500-6940-hg available?

    Hi gmoschou,

    this number was never available alone. 8500-6940 is still available, a multi-element standard that contains 2 bottles, the second is the Hg standard.

    If you need a Hg standard alone, there is IMS-105, which is 125 mL volume, or 5190-8575 which…

  • RE: GC transfer line high temperature alarm


    Either there is leak or loop is not filling properly with sample for low area.

    And for too hot transferline, may be PC board or sensor is malfunctioning or faulty of headspace.

    You can change column or trim the column from inlet and detector side.

  • RE: 1260 SFC Maximum modifier concentration

    Typically, I advise customers to set the composition to 100% co-solvent (MeOH normally) and then flush the column for a couple of minutes. As stated before, the BPR most likely will not be totally stable at 100% MeOH but just ignore that. After 10-20…