Agilent Community Manager blog post #1 - an introduction

Blog Post created by jkurutz on Jan 7, 2016

Dear Agilent Community members,


Happy New Year! Welcome to the first Community Manager blog post of our new resource! Here's an introduction to what these communications are about:


This blog will keep you updated about ew things going on in the community - particularly interesting discussions, additions and revisions to the site, and anything else of interest to the whole community. Being a personal message written by an actual human, it's meant to supplement the system's weekly digest emails with personal correspondence. These posts will call attention to:

  • Particularly interesting discussions (see below)
  • Notable additions to knowledge bases
  • Newly-added Application Notes and other resources
  • Other announcements important for the Agilent ecosystem



To help launch this resource to success, we need experts to contribute content - particularly knowledgebase materials. If you have useful items you've prepared for helping customers with their applications, maintenance, or repair, then please share them by uploading them to the Community! It's easy:

  1. Navigate to the area appropriate for the material
  2. Click "Actions" in the lower menu bar, and then click "Document" or "File" (see Creating a Document for help)
    1. Choose "File" is you're sharing a PDF (please don't share Word or Powerpoint documents)
    2. Choose "Document" if you will simply be typing text (with the option to attach any file you like, as long as it's under 150 MB)
  3. Edit your entry and add tags
  4. Click "Publish"
  5. Wait for a moderator to approve your item before it's visible to the community




New Introduction to the Agilent Community

To get more familiar with the Agilent Community, please check out About the Agilent Community, our public-facing introduction to the resource. It includes a site map that should help you get oriented to the structure of the site.


This week, we have not formally launched just yet, so our curated discussions are simple examples to give you an idea for what sort of conversations we shall be hosting here. These will be deleted soon to avoid confusion with real discussions that started here.


Featured Technical Discussions

Gas Chromatography (link)Example question: ECD Liner (link)Test User
Mass Spectrometry (link)

Example question: Peak at m/z 32 but no m/z 28. Oxygen but no nitrogen?  (link)

Test User
Consumables (link)Example discussion: Experiences with metal ferrules  (link)Test User
Software (link)Example question: Agilent 6890N GC set GC ready state  (link)Test User
Sample Preparation (link)Example question: GC recovery issues for pesticide SPME  (link)Test User

Featured Applications Discussions

Basic Research  (link)

Example Discussion: GC Method Development for Low BP Compounds  (link)

Test User3
Energy and Chemicals  (link)Example question: Propane/Butane GC analysis optimization help  (link)Test User3
Environmental Analysis  (link)Example discussion: Benzene/Toluene in water: what internal standard?  (link)Test User
Food and Agriculture  (link)

Example question: Endrin Degradation Problems  (link)

Test User



Thanks for your attention. Please visit the community, explore, and contribute!


- Josh