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Hi guys, please add the substitution suggestion comment after obsolete mark on a web site: 5182-0817 with CP17971; 5182-0818 with CP17970; 5182-0820 with CP17972; 5183-4771 is actually obsolete, we have to sell Restek 22022 or any other SGT analog, no one wants to switch to CP17971+CP17972. Please design a combination trap, I believe it is

I am working with an Agilent 6890, Splitless Inlet, and am having problems with the pressure maxing out and cutting off flow. The Front Inlet Low Flow Shutoff notice shows and the GC stops running. I have checked the septum/septum nut, replaced the liner, checked the gold seal, and clipped the column, none of these things fixed the problem. We
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Good afternoon everyone,   Over the last year, the EM volts of the MS have been slightly creeping up. Where it was still ~EMV 900 now we are roughly around 1800. Since we had a bit of downtime, there was a chance of cleaning the MS source to increase the sensitivity. The cleaning progress of the Agilent 5977B Operating Manual in