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Our laboratory operates at an altitude well in excess of 2000 meters above sea level. While standard pressure at sea level is ~14 PSI.  Our pressure is ~11.2 PSI.  This is enough of a difference to affect the flow rates of the instruments.   When a volumetric flowmeter such as the ADM 1000 is used to measure flow, the flow reads

Here is a "best of" collection of links to manuals and tools for HPLC on, for other instruments refer to Collection of Support Documents on   Collection of LC (HPLC) Resources   LC Troubleshooting LC Hardware and Miscellaneous Documents LC Application resources Agilent Interact (Virtual LC
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OpenLab CDS Rev. C.01.07.SR1 {113}   Hello,   I have a few questions on setting up the sequence table, calibration table, and possibly other settings properly for an external standard method. I saw there is a built-in ESTD classical report, but I'm not sure if this will work given the specifics of what we want to calculate and
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When trying to connect to instrument (using RS232) i get the following error. Windows has contact with the USB-RS232 cable. It has worked fine - but nomatter what instrument or COM i use i get the samme error. Anyone knows a solution on this problem??