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Hello,   I was exporting the report from one sequence and the program (Data Analysis) crashed. Then I opened Data Analysis again and tried to load the same sequence, but the sequence can not be loaded and there came the two error messages (figures attached). There are no problems of loading any other sequences.   I tried to reopen the

Hello everyone, I am quitenew to the community. I wanted some help regading an instrument that I use in the laboratory. I have to code using ADL shell programming and somehow add some more features or make it user friendly using ADL script into the existing program. Could someone guide me. At the moment, I have to open a folder using a command
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I can programing aux temperature(3 ramp) with chemstation B.04.03. But Openlab, there is no menu for programing aux temperature. Just on,off and one temperature setting menu is all. Anyone who can programing aux temperature using Openlab chemstation?