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Hi all,   I am using openlab CDS 2.2 software. I have been facing a problem during Sequence Report print for justification of different value of sequence before Run the sequence but I can't find out Custom parameter value because in this section it is showing Assigned only no value showing. I need custom parameter value in my sequence print

OpenLAB CDS 2.2 - How to increase the decimal places for sample amount in the sequence table?
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Good morning everyone,   I am measuring some 'dirty' samples (flavour products) over a couple of days to measure impurities. Every day I am creating a new calibration curve and injecting a couple of samples. I am noticing that every day the signal of my calibration standard is lower than the day before. My question is what could be
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New Webinars Series available:   OpenLAB CDS Webinar Series - Join us to explore Agilent’s newest Chromatography Data System which can control LC’s, GC’s, LC-MS (Single Quad) and for the first time GC-MS (Single Quad) with the same software – OpenLab CDS.   Click on the link below to learn more and register for