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The attached document walks through how to enable the compound math functionality in MassHunter Quantitative Data Analysis revisions B.03.0x-B.07.00.   Note: A new concept of Compound Math was introduced with MassHunter Quantitative Data Analysis B.07.01 making the calculations straightforward. Several new videos are available to introduce

Recently we met a severe problem while using agilent 6470 LC-QQQ. We want to determine the concentration of PFOS, using MRM mode, with the precursor of 499 m/z and product of 99m/z. The mobile phases are methanol and 5mM ammonium acetate in 10% methanol.   The problem is: after one month of testing when I injected blank samples (MS grade
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Hi, I need to calculate total xylene from p Xylene, m Xylene and or Xylene. I have Masshunter Quant Analysis B07.00 Build 7.0.457.0 In the options of the quantifier table I only have the option Cmpd. Group and I can not select Compound math since it does not exist in the drop-down list. Can this be done with this version? Thank you
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The model number on GC is 6890N (G 1540N). I am using a method with split injection with 50:1 split ratio on hp-5 column to measure concentration of a methanol/water mixture using ipa as an internal standard. The method has been successfully used giving a reasonable standard deviation for several months, and recently the standard deviation