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Hi,   Have this issue with an Agilent 6850 GC:   The system performs normally during the pre-run: the oven temperature, front inlet total flow/inlet pressure and signal 1 valve values are all normal/stable.  When we switch to the test method and start sample analysis, we have the following errors:   Detector H2 Flow

I am currently using an Agilent 1100 series and I recently had a malfunction of the autosampler. What can be the cause and how can I fix it?
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New Webinars Series available:   GC and GC/MS Webinar Series - Whether you are a seasoned GC veteran or a beginner, this GC Webinar series will help to make you a better chromatographer so you get the reproducible results you need to make your lab more productive.   Click on the link below to learn more and register for this series: