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Hello,   I am interested in exporting data from ChemStation to a .csv file (or other) to import into a database. I want the data exported to be the quantitative results--so the the compound name and concentration.   I know how to save reports as Excel files to get that information, but it's very messy and difficult to delimit. I also

After running a GC sequence which generates data for blanks, standards, method blank and samples - I would like to subtract the area for a particular compound or timed group for the method blank from each of the samples. I have been using the CC Editor to put custom calculations into the Injection Results tab of the sequence when viewing the data
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I'm running a 7890/5975 for 625/8270 analysis and have been getting poor reproducibility in the late eluting peak areas.  The early peaks are very stable.  I have 6 internal standards where the first 4 are stable and the last two are not.  The compounds that use these internals fluctuate at approximately the same rate.  I