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I am a new faculty and there was a GC system (7890A G3440A) in a storage room which had not been used for years. I purchased a headspace autosampler (7697A) a few month ago, and had it installed.   The problem is the helium gas only last for 10 days even with 3 ml/min total gas flow at the standby condition, 1 ml/min for the front column and

Hello, I am attempting to Resurect a 6890N GC the GC seems to power up and function properly. The accompanying 5973 appears to try to power up but the display doesnot come on. The issue I am having is making these insturments work with a windows 7 computer, I am not able to use a XP machine per corporate standard. I have tried multiple IO library
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We have an Agilent 6100 single quad LC-MS.  It was working fine until yesterday when I tried to use it to run an FIA analysis. During the FIA run, the MSD shut down and I got an error that read: " Capillary/chamber voltage could not be maintained."  Can anyone provide ideas about where to go next?  I cleaned the capillary and put it