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    Updating ACAML files for an entire sequence


      OpenLab CDS Rev. C.01.07.SR1 {113}


      When it's necessary to alter a setting on a completed sequence (e.g. retention time due to a shifting peak), the changes don't appear in Report Layout unless we first update the ACAML files. We do this by manually clicking "preview report" for every injection in the sequence, then double clicking the sequence and saving to data store. A few questions:


      1. Is it correct to assume that the changes don't appear initially because Report Layout pulls the sequence data from Data Store, while changes to retention time are "local" prior to the ACAML file updates? Is this what the sequence icon with the yellow dot signifies?


      2. Is there an easier way to simultaneously update all of the injections?

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          1) The yellow dot that you are referring to is indicating that the local copy of the result set has been modified and the changes have not been uploaded to data store yet. When you make changes to your sequence method, these changes are not applied to the data until the data is processed with the updated method. The newly processed results are then stored in the acaml files where the Intelligent Reporter pulls most of its information from. The new results are not showing in Report Layout not because it is pulling information from Data Store, but rather because the local acaml file has not been updated with the new results yet.


          2) Yes, you can easily update the results for all injections in a result set by reprocessing the result set. You can start reprocessing by either going to Sequence>Start Reprocessing, or by clicking the 'Start Sequence Reprocessing' green arrow button in the Navigation Table Toolbar: