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      Hello everyone,


      In the Software description I saw that Open Labs generate a Checksum for every file within Open Labs.


      This Info I got from the Agilent Documentation PDF


      OpenLAB CDS automatically calculates and stores checksums for your Custom Calculation files. If the checksum is wrong or missing, something has been changed outside of OpenLAB, and changes are not tracked in any OpenLAB audit trail. To avoid inconsistencies, OpenLAB CDS does not load such custom calculation files.


      Where can I view the info.


      Thanks for your help

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          I added tags to this post to increase visibility.


          Would you mind being more specific about what OpenLAB software product and revision your are referring to?


          I do not believe checksum information can be displayed for these files.

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            I use the Open Lab Software Build

            I found out that you can view the Checksum with the Command line tool "Checkfile" from the Core Agilent Folder.

            But it would be cool to see it after a run. Before we transmit the data to our LiMS.

            Its described In your document XML Connectivity guide.


            Thank you

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              Hello Ryoboyle,


              Thank you for your fast reply,


              Can you provide me with more information concerning the Sample Sheduler.

              It sound like an interesting opportunity to import the relevant data within our system.

              I found already a pdf which describes the prozess, but it doesn't contain much data.


              Thank you again for your help.

              Greatly appreciated