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How do I treat Cypermethrin Quant in Masshunter?

Question asked by s.khatuntsev on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by s.khatuntsev

Hi, I have four isomers of Cypermethrin allmost separated, I call them Cypermethrin I, Cypermethrin II, etc.


And I have just one standard compound, called Cypermethrin, I made a solution of, for example, 4 ng/ml.

How do I treat those isomers properly in Masshunter Quant Analysis B07.01 Build 7.1.524.0?

Should I mark each Cypermethrin I, Cypermethrin II and so on to the IV, a 1 ng/ml concentration, as 1/4 of 4 ng/ml in calibration table? Is the assumption of equal EI/MS response correct for such isomers/quantitation? I also have an internal standard triphenylmethane of always 1 ng/ml here, if it does matter.

How do I report Cypermethrin in sum of 4 isomers automatically? Is there any group reporting functionality in Masshunter?

Please share a manual if it does exist on such cases of one compound and several isomers in chromatogram, I don't think this is a rare problem.