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MWD - two graphs/two tables -filtering out unnecessary peaks

Question asked by petur on May 4, 2018
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The run method has two wavelengths that need separate integration, graphs and tables.


Successfully filtered the graphs and tables using sample_name = MWD1A and MWD1B


Now I want to take out unnecessary peaks by filtering the tables so that only the relevant peaks are shown on the report.


The idea was to filter the table based on retention time (instead of using integration events), because the two graphs need different approach.


That resulted in error, so I filtered based on height and got big tables with lot of empty spaces.


In order to avoid empty lines in the tables:


a) is it possible to hide the empty lines, then how ?

b) is it possible to do "integration events" on the table to limit the information (thus avoiding empty lines), then how ?


Regards, Pétur Ari