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Where to enter sample weights MassHunter V10.1?

Question asked by chemist23 on Oct 27, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2020 by howard_sanford


SW: MassHunter Workstation, Quantitative Analysis, Drug Analysis for GC, Version 10.1 Build 10.1.733.0



I am trying to batch process data acquired by GC-FID but I unable to generate the correct sample result since I don't know where to enter the sample weight/concentration.


I assume I select type as specimen, enter sample concentration under Exp.Conc and result populated under Final conc.
I get a result under Final conc. but it is incorrect and no matter the value I enter in the Exp. Conc. box, the result does not change.


Also, I am not sure why for some of my standards, no plate count is being generated although the peak is still being integrated. How do I get a plate count value to appear consistently?