Long-term shutdown of Vista/700 Series ICPOES instruments and Eventual Start-up

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Shutting Down Vista/700 Series Instrument for a Lengthy Period of Time:

  1. Turn the peristaltic pump on, and pump all liquid from the sample lines, nebulizer and spray chamber. Ensure you pump all the liquid out of the sample introduction components.
  2. Turn off the heat exchanger/chiller (water supply), then wait a few minutes.
  3. Turn off argon supply.
  4. Close the software and shut the instrument PC down.
  5. Switch off the power to the instrument (front left power switch).


Starting Up Vista/700 Series Instruments after a Lengthy Period of Shut-down:

  1. Switch the instrument power on (front left switch).
  2. Open the software.
  3. Turn on the argon, then wait a few minutes. (When argon is on, the minimum purge of 0.7L/min will be in effect while software is open. If needing to analyze wavelengths less than 190nm, turn the polyboost purge on in the software.)
  4. Turn on the heat exchanger/chiller (water supply).


Notes: When you repower the unit on, the optics will be at room temperature.  Turn the unit power on and allow the optics to warm for 1 day, prior to starting an analysis.

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