Instructions for Long-term shut down of ICP-MS instruments

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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 issue and possibility that your ICPMS instrument needs to be shut down for a lengthy period of time here is a procedure to follow:

 written by Carla Riboczi

ICPMS Shut Down Procedure

The plasma needs to be off.

The Mass Hunter Software needs to be closed, to do that properly use the File at top left, save and Exit there. Then close any other programs that may be opened. And Turn Off the computer totally and leave off for now.

Please turn off the Front Power button, the green LED light should go off.

Wait for 3 minutes.

Then reach around to the back of the instrument and shut off the double rocker main power switch in the back to the down position.

Be sure gases, exhaust and cooling water flow are all turned off if leaving the instrument off for any length of time.


Then to restart the instrument again:

Begin by turning that double rocker power switch behind the instrument to the up “On” position.

Wait 3-4 minutes to allow for the electronics to power on again.

Then turn on the front power button and now watch the instrument status light….  Should go from dark (off) to Red..  possibly off again.. then flashing amber (yellow) then finally to a solid amber (yellow) color. This could take another 3-4 minutes to occur. Once the status light is solid amber then reboot the computer. Login to Windows..  then making sure the exhaust, chiller, gas and auto sampler are all on FINALLY open the Mass Hunter software.

You may need to turn the vacuum pump on through the software.

Also be sure to check that the auto sampler is responding. Have the auto sampler to go a specific position and then return to home or rinse. If the auto sampler does not respond, then recheck the com ports in case it has defaulted to the incorrect com port. In the Hardware Pane on the autosampler icon right click and set communication and try all the com port numbers to see which one will respond.

 Note: the instrument (vacuum) does need to purge overnight prior to running after a lengthy shutdown.



Try lighting the plasma again.





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