Agilent Seahorse Wave Hypoxia Data Does Not Recalculate after Excluding and then Reincluding the Sulfite Group: Troubleshooting Tips

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If this is not recalculated or calculated correctly, this document can be used to help troubleshoot.


Here is a list of the most common causes for this error:

  • If all wells in the sulfite group are turned OFF, turning the sulfite group back ON does not correctly recalculate the data to include that well (software bug)


Try these steps for a possible resolution:

  • Toggle the Background Correction check box to ON>OFF>ON. This will recalculate the entire set of rates for the plate to include (or exclude) the sulfite wells.
  • If toggling does not remedy the issue, contact Agilent Cell Analysis technical support at:
    • Email contact:
    • Phone Contact:
      • US Contact: 1 800 227 9770 option 3, 8
      • UK Contact: 0 800 096 7632 option 3
      • DE Contact: 0 800 180 66 78 option 3
      • NL Contact: 0 800 022 7243 option 3
      • Other European Countries Contact: 45 3136 9878 option 3

More Troubleshooting Tips: Cell Analysis FAQs and Troubleshooting


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