Cary UV Workstation Method Development FAQs

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Is there a fast and easy way to move between parameters when setting up a method?

Yes, you can “tab” through parameters on the setup and sequencer pages.


Can you change any method parameters once you’ve started or completed a sequence?

No, all parameters are locked once an analysis has started. To change any parameters, a new worksheet must be created. Click “Save As” and select the Method check box. This will enable you to work with the current parameters and edit them before measuring new samples.


How do I enter individual wavelength values into a Concentration (or any) method?

Ensure the “Select Mode” has been toggled to “Wavelength”, enter the value then press the Return Key on the keyboard.


Can we set more than one measurement setpoint in a kinetics application? I.e.: make measurements at 1 minute intervals for 10 minutes, then 5 minute intervals for another 20 minutes? 

We have not implemented that functionality for this release.


Can you restart a method, or re-baseline (say that you forgot to put your reference cell in), without creating an entirely new method?

Yes. If you navigate to the sequence page, you can recheck the baseline entry in the sequence table.


Does the method “default” to include a baseline? 

No, the current default setting is to not to include a baseline/zero.


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