Cary UV Workstation Data Analysis FAQs

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Baseline correction: is there a way to add a baseline correction before analysis, or must it be done after the fact via calculator? 

You can perform a baseline before your sample scan, the option is available on the “Sequencer” page. You can also apply a sloping baseline via the calculator tool after sample scans.


How do I delete extra graphs once I’ve selected “add graph”?

If you hover your mouse over the graph, there is a toolbar in the upper right corner of the graph. Select the three vertical dots. At the bottom of that drop down, select the “remove graph” option. If you are using a laptop, or have multiple graphs you may need to scroll down the menu to access it.


Is there any way to pull up the calculator other than “Ctrl/click” – i.e. – is it in a menu somewhere?

The calculator will only appear if one or more traces is selected. The primary way to start this is to hold control and click the trace of interest. An alternative would be to click “select all traces” from the graph toolbar menu, then it will appear.


Can I delete a result table, once added to the report?

There is no way to remove a result table once it is present on a report. From version 1.1, result tables can be deleted while hovering over the table title.


In kinetics mode, I see no option to start the calculator button, is this possible?

The calculator button feature is only available in the “Scan application”. The other applications have specific calculations, e.g. Kinetics has rate calculations. These applications can be performed on kinetics wavelength collects or sliced traces from scanning kinetics data. By selecting the “rate calculations” card, inputting desired time range etc. then selecting recalculate it will generate a rate calculation table


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