Migration from Cary WinUV or UV ChemStation Software Comparison Tool

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Cary WinUV

UV-Vis ChemStation

Cary UV Workstation

File types







Automation Tables



File structure

Application files

Application files

Files within a database

File sharing

Files are saved locally or within a database. Each instance of the application can access those files.

Files are saved locally. Under Security Pack the files are protected by Windows Security settings.

As the files are always in a database, they must be exported and imported to be shared.

Method saving

A method can be created or saved from a batch file that contains data.

Concentration calibration curves can be saved as methods.

Methods contain only the analytical parameters.

Standards can be saved separately as .std files.

Automation tables can be saved separately also.

Saving a method switches to the method file created from v1,1. Concentration curves can be saved as methods after they are measured.

File import

Can import .csv data


Limited import when using SCM/SDA

Can import .csv data


Can import WinUV data and .csv data

Cannot import when data integrity software is configured.

File export

Data as: .csv, .rtf

Reports as: .csv, .pdf

Data as: .csv

Data as: .csv

Reports as: .pdf

Measurement settings

Signal averaging time (SAT); time collecting signal at each wavelength. Minimum is a single lamp flash (0.0125 seconds)

Integration time, time averaging collected spectra, minimum is 0.1 second.

Signal averaging time (SAT); time collecting signal at each wavelength. Minimum is a single lamp flash (0.004 seconds)

Peak labels

Threshold is set

Number of peaks

Threshold is set

Determining absorbance at a specified wavelength

Use the Advanced Reads application

Use the Standard Mode, Peak/Valley or Wavelength task.

Use the Analysis Setup menu to set a wavelength for which absorbance is reported automatically.

Performing custom calculations on traces

ADL or Calculator functionality

Macro or Equation task in Standard Mode

Calculator accessed when trace is highlighted



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