Cary 3500 General Operation FAQs

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When I want to save or export a worksheet, does the software give me the option where to save it?

When you save a worksheet, it always saves to the database. It will appear on the home page within Mercury. When you “export” either the data as .csv (via the graph page) or the .merc file (via the home page) it is exported to the downloads folder.


My stirrer stops when on a loading guide, is there a problem?

The stirring functionality is designed to stop on the loading guides so that when samples / blanks are loaded or unloaded, the stirrers will always be restarted only at the commencement of the acquisition.


How do you turn off the Peltier once it’s turned on?

You can either physically turn off the module via the power switch, or turn off the Peltiers via system health page > Peltier Control dashboard > toggle the Peltier modes from holder to off. (note that this action might yield an error [“MCM_NOT_READY”] when collecting data. (Reflecting the fact the software is not detecting power to the module but the data will still collect.)


In all modes, you can move the cursor over the spectrum and the legend generates x and y values for every wavelength. Is it possible to fix the legend at a certain wavelength?

That particular workflow is not possible. As an alternative, spectra can be collected across a wavelength range. Then you can utilize the “slice” tool on a point of the spectrum to generate a table/trace at that wavelength. Also, you can drag a window over the region of interest, which will apply that wavelength range, allowing easier identification x and y values.


If I have a communication error with my instrument and PC, what can I do? 

There is a small reset button accessible by a paperclip (or similar) on the rear of the engine approximately 10 mm away from the ethernet port. Hold this button down for at least 5 seconds then let go.  The network settings will revert to default (DHCP and Hostname = Engine serial number).  The Engine will reboot – wait until this is completed before attempting connection again. 


What do I do if I need to run a calibration and it fails? 

First make sure that there are no samples left in the sample holders and that there is a clear light path through the sample holders. Then ensure that the sample compartment lid is closed. Once these steps are complete, rerun the calibration routines. If the calibrations continue to fail, then please contact an Agilent field service engineer.


Save As doesn’t show me the list of files I already have? Why not?

The Cary UV Workstation software is built on a database and it is possible to give a file the same name as another file; they will be differentiated by the date and time stamp on the file.


I have the software installed for offline use, how do I access and share files?

To share files between users, the files must be exported as a .merc file, and copied to the PC where they will be used. Here they must be imported.


I cannot save my file into a Group.

The file is saved first; then the card is manually moved into the Group folder.


When I choose “Individual display” for my results, I cannot easily see which sample is in which graphs?

Graph labels will be included in the report in version 1.1. The trace information is also available from clicking on the trace.


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