QQQ Acquisition Worklist Script Defect

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Troubleshooting Worklist script from executing on MassHunter Acquisition for 6400 Series QQQ B.08.02



Customers and Field Service Engineers have encountered a defect with MassHunter Acquisition for 6400 series which prevents Worklist scripts from executing on stand-alone workstations. This defect can occur at any time if the workstation has not been connected to the internet.  The defect occurs when the script is executed from a Worklist run line or as Worklist Post-Run parameter and may report a “time-out” error or simply not execute the worklist command script. An investigation of these reports has determined the defect is a result of how the “MH_Acq_Scripts.exe” was built into the software. Because this issue is network time-out based, the error may not occur in every instance. For this reason, it is critical to resolve the issue at installation so the discrepancy does not manifest later.


Recommendations or Steps to Follow:

The QQQ Acquisition Worklist script defect can be resolved by connecting the workstation to the internet, for a one-time “MH_Acq_Scripts.exe” verification from Microsoft Corporation, or by disabling the Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service. Either of these solutions work but only one should be implemented. The Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service should not be disabled if the workstation is connected to the internet.


To disable to Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service Perform the following:


  1. Ensure all Windows Updates have been installed
  2. Navigate to “Services” and locate WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service
  3. Stop the service (if running)
  4. Disable the service.


When the above steps have been the completed, the Worklist Scripts will execute as expected.





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