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    16.1Trending Dissolution Mechanical Performance, Audit Preparation with Dissolution Workstation Software, Versatile Sample Preparations with CambTEK RES, Recent FDA Draft Guidance
    16.2Use of Beads for Added Mechanical Stress, Addressing Dissolution Compliance through Agilent Learning Resources, 850-DS Firmware Update, 850-DS Filter Plates
    16.3Intrinsic Dissolution, Deaerated Dissolution Media, dissoGUARD, DDG Online Meetings
    16.4280-DS MQS, Inline Filtration for USP Apparatus 3 / 7, Dissolution Specification Setting for IR Products, 708-DS Improvements


    USP <857>, Workshop Summary - ASTM E55/FDA, DDG at AAPS (2016)

    17.2280-DS MQS Update, dissoGUARD, EoGS Announcement for Legacy Models, 850-DS Filter Plates (PVDF), TruAlign Vessels
    17.3UV-Dissolution Systems, 708-DS & 850-DS FW Updates, Evap Cover (CP), USP <1236> Solubility
    17.4400-DS Improvements, Efficiency Improvements with 280-DS MQS, Dissolution Workstation Workstation Update, Chewable Tablets, Questions You Asked
    18.1Method Validation and Validation of Fiber Optic Methods, Compendial Updates USP 1711, Solid Oral Dosage Forms, Update 1711, Tablet Breaking Force, DDG AAPS Luncheon Meeting, Questions You Asked
    18.2Dissolution Exchange,  Investigating Aberrant Dissolution Data,  Accessory Storage Containers, Spanish Dissolution 1-on-1, Questions You Asked
    18.3Dissolution WorkStation Software,  400-DS Update, Tips for Testing Transdermal Systems, Questions You Asked
    18.4280-DS MQS Software Updated, Mobile-friendly Digital Dissolution Source Book, Qualification of Noncompendial Dissolution Apparatus


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