Result Error Statuses in the MassHunter Productivity App

Version 5

    The results displayed in the MassHunter Productivity App are assigned one of the following error statuses: Error, Warning, or Valid. The App determines these designations based on three variables: the sample type, the concentration, and the result flags.


    Pesticide Screening

    For pesticide screening, the error statuses are determined in the following way.


    These flags will always result in an Error:

    • QC out of range
    • CC out of range
    • Calibration accuracy out of range
    • ISTD out of range


    These flags will only affect the error status if the concentration is above threshold or if the result belongs to a Cal, QC, or CC sample:


    • Target peak not found


    • R2 below threshold
    • Concentration above calibration range
    • RT out of window
    • Matrix Spike percent recovery out of range
    • Qualifier peak not found
    • Qualifier ratio out of range


    All other results will be considered Valid. With this logic, results that have flags due to the integration of noise (such as results in Blank samples) will have a Valid error status because they are not expected to contain the target compounds.


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