Streamlining Sequence Setup in the MassHunter Productivity App

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The MassHunter Productivity App incorporates several common-sense features that greatly reduce the monotony of creating a sequence:


1. Sequence Templates

Sequence templates are the best way to improve sequence setup productivity. With a sequence template and list of target samples in CSV, you can create a sequence in just a few clicks:

To take full advantage of the sequence templates, we recommend using fixed, consistent positions of common samples such as Blanks, Double Blanks, Calibration, and QCs. In this way, you can declare the positions for these samples in the sequence template. Additionally, we recommend importing a sample list CSV of all target samples when applying the sequence template. Every column in the sequence table can be imported through the CSV, so if the target sample positions are already specified, they will automatically be filled in after import.


2. Injections per Sample

If you need to run multiple injections of the same sample, we recommend using the Inj/Sample field in the sequence table. This can significantly reduce the size of the sequence table and can greatly reduce chances of data entry error. When you specify multiple injections per sample, the sample name will have a "- XX" designation appended to the end.



Run Status:



3. Copy/Paste

If you need to manually adjust the sample fields, the sequence table has extensive copy/paste capabilities.

You can copy and paste an entire row:


Copy a single value to multiple cells:


Or copy a value to an entire row:


Additionally, you can copy/paste from Excel or any CSV editing software.


4. Drag and Drop

If you need to reformat the table without using a template, the sequence table has intuitive drag/drop functionality. With one or more rows selected, you can drag them to another position in order to easily re-order your sequence:


4. Multi-delete

If you need to delete multiple samples, you can select the samples you want to delete and hit the Backspace or Delete key: