Molecular Spectroscopy

Version 13

    Here is a "best of" collection of links to manuals and tools for Molecular Spectroscopy (UV-Vis and UV-Vis-NIR, Fluorescence, and FTIR). For other instruments refer to Collection of Support Documents



    Collection of Molecular Spectroscopy Resources




    Cary 60

    Cary 60 Site Preparation Checklist

    Cary 60 Users Guide

    Cary 60 Installation  Guide


    Cary 100/300/4000/5000/6000/7000

    Cary 100/300/4000/5000/6000/7000 Users guide

    Cary100/300/4000/5000/6000/7000 Site Preparation Checklist

    Cary 7000 UMS Site Preparation Checklist

    Cary 100/300 Certification Manual



    8454 Installation Guide book

    UV-VIS Chemstation Site Preparation Checklist

    8454 Site Preparation Checklist

    8454 Installation Guide

    8453 Installation Guide

    8454 System Operation Manual

    Chemstation – Understanding Advanced Software

    Chemstation – Open Lab Compliance Pack Guide

    Chemstation for UV-VIS Spectroscopy – Dissolution


    Cary Eclipse

    Cary Eclipse Site Preparation Guide

    Cary Eclipse Site Preparation Checklist

    Eclipse Users Guide


    Cary 600

    Cary 600 Users Guide

    Cary 620 Users Guide

    Cary 600 Site Preparation Guide

    Cary 670/680 Site Preparation Checklist

    Cary 660 Site Preparation Checklist

    Cary 600 Microscope Users Guide


    Cary 630

    Cary 630 Installation Guide

    Cary 630 Site Preparation Checklist

    Cary 630 Software Site Preparation Checklist


    Cary 5500

    Cary 5500 Operation Manual


    Cary 4500

    Cary 4500 Operation Manual

    Microlab PC Software Site Prep Checklist


    Cary 4100

    4100 Operation Manual


    Cary 4300

    Cary 4300 Site Preparation Checklist

    Microlab Software Operation Manual

    Microlab Software Site Preparation


    General Information and Supplies

    UV-Vis & UV-Vis-NIR | Agilent

    Molecular Spectroscopy Data Systems | Agilent

    UV-Vis & UV-Vis-NIR Accessories | Agilent

    UV-Vis & UV-Vis-NIR Supplies | Agilent



    Fluorescence Systems | Agilent

    Fluorescence Accessories | Agilent

    Fluorescence Supplies | Agilent



    FTIR Analyzer Packages | Agilent

    FTIR Benchtop Systems | Agilent

    FTIR Compact & Portable Systems | Agilent

    FTIR Microscopes & Imaging Systems | Agilent

    Molecular Spectroscopy Data Systems | Agilent

    FTIR Accessories | Agilent

    FTIR Supplies | Agilent



    Raman Spectroscopy

    Raman Spectroscopy (Cobalt Light Systems) | Agilent