Genomics (reagents and kits)

Version 2

    Here is a "best of" collection of links to manuals and tools for Genomics (reagents and kits). For other instruments refer to Collection of Support Documents



    Collection of Genomics Resources



    See also genomics videos for demos and webinars of our genomics portfolio (including SureVector, QuikChange, NGS, microarrays, and more)


    Nucleic acid purification

    Nucleic acid purification kits (RNA, plasmid Mini, gDNA)

    Gel extraction, PCR purification, plasmid purification, RNA purification


    qPCR related

    PCR Instruments & Plastics (see also AriaMx)

    cDNA synthesis

    miRNA qRT-PCR kits: here (High-Specificity) and here

    Cell lysis and stabilization (SideStep)

    Brilliant SYBR qPCR master mixes

    Brilliant Probe qPCR master mixes

    Brilliant HRM master mix

    Speciality kits (NGS library quantification, MycoSensor, Porcine)

    qPCR references


    Nucleic acids

    Total RNA (human, mouse, rat)

    See also qPCR references



    Design tool Agilent eArray

    CGH and CGH+SNP microarrays

    Gene Expression microarrays

    miRNA microarrays

    Epigenetic and speciality microarrays


    NGS Target Enrichment

    OneSeq DNA Target Enrichment Baits

    SureSelect DNA Library Preps - Mechanical Shearing

    SureSelect DNA Library Preps - Enzymatic Shearing

    SureSelect DNA Target Enrichment Baits

    SureSelect RNA-Seq

    SureSelect Methyl-Seq

    HaloPlex Next Generation PCR

    ClearSeq Disease Research Panels

    Amplicon Target Amplification (Multiplicom)

    NGS Design Tool Sure Design

    NGS Data Analysis Software

    NGS Automation Solutions



    Mutagenesis and cloning, synthetic biology


    CRISPR Guide RNA Design Application: SureDesign


    QuikChange Site-Directed Mutagenesis

    Random Mutagenesis 

    Competent Cells – Difficult cloning: large DNA (Electro-Ten, XL10-Gold), unstable clones (SURE, SURE 2), toxicity (ABLE), gDNA/methylated DNA (XL1-Blue MRF’, XL2-Blue MRF’), phage display (TG1)

    Competent Cells – Routine cloning: general (XL1-Blue, XL2-Blue), classic strains (SCSI, AG1, NM522, JM101, JM109), high throughput packs, unmethylated DNA (JM110, SCS110), random mutagenesis (XL1-Red)

    Chemicals for competent cells (X-gal, IPTG, Ampicillin)

    PCR Cloning kits (StrataClone, PCR polishing kit, SureVector)

    Cloning vectors (pBlueScript II, pBC Phagemid, SuperCosI, SureVector)

    Cloning vectors – Lambda (Lambda ZAP, Lambda ZAP II, Lambda genomic, Lambda gt11)

    Gigapack III Library Packaging

    DpnI and Glogos II Autorad Marker

    DNA Ligation

    Modifying Enzymes (Klenow, Proteinase K, Single-Stranded DNA Binding Protein, general polymerases (SP6 RNA, T3 and T7)

    High Fidelity PCR Enzymes (PfuUltra II, Herculase II, PfuTurbo Cx, Easy-A-Hi-Fi, AccuScript Hi-Fi)

    High Yield & Sensitivity PCR Systems (Herculase II, Paq5000, PicoMaxx, AffinityScript)

    High GC and difficult target PCR Systems (Herculase II, PfuTurbo Cx, AffinityScript, SureDirect Blood, PicoMaxx)

    Routine PCR (Paq5000, SureStart Taq, Taq2000, TaqPlus Precision, AffinityScript)

    PCR optimization and components, ladders and markers

    RNase and DNase

    Protein expression





    Identifying fish species

    PCR-RFLD and DNA Fish ID



    Pathology Solutions