Collection of GC/MS Resources

Version 10

    Here is a "best of" collection of links to manuals and tools for GC/MS on, for other instruments refer to Collection of Support Documents on




    Collection of GC/MS Resources



    GC/MS Hardware Troubleshooting & Maintenance


    7000Triple Quad Troubleshooting & Maintenance Manual

    70x0Troubleshooting & Maintenance Manual

    5977B Series MSD Troubleshooting & Maintenance Manual

    7250 Q-TOF Troubleshooting & Maintenance Manual

    Proven that an Agilent GCMS is fully functional



    GC/MS Application Resources


    Sample Preparation Fundamentals for Chromatography

    7000/ 7010 Series Triple Quadrupole GC/MS Quick Start

    MassHunter Workstation Software – Data Acquisition for 7000 Series Triple Quad GC/MS Familiarization Guide

    MassHunter Workstation Unknowns Analysis Familiarization Guide

    7000 and 7010 Series TQ System Site Preparation Checklist

    7250A-Site Preparation Checklist

    7200 Series GC QTOF System Site Preparation Checklist

    5977 Series MSD Site Preparation Checklist



    GC Catalogs and Ordering

    Agilent Collection of Columns, Supplies, and Standards Resources

    GC and GC/MS Colums and Supplies Catalog

    GC Systems on

    GC Supplies  on

    GC Capillaries  on




    MS Explained – Spectral Interpretation

    MS Explained – Method Development

    MS Explained - Relative Abundance

    MS Explained - Evaluation of Acquired Spectra

    MS Explained - Library Search

    MS Explained - Mass of a Water Molecule

    MS Explained - Setting the Proper Threshold

    MS Explained - Maintaining System Performance

    MS Explained – The Ion Source

    MS Explained – The Mass Spectrometer

    MS Explained – Initial Evaluation

    MS Explained – The Data System

    MS Explained – Simple Mass Spectrum

    MS Explained – Tuning

    MS Explained – Scan Mode and SIMM Mode

    MS Explained - Accountability

    MS Explained – The Detector


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