Collection of GC/MS Resources

Version 5

    Here is a "best of" collection of links to manuals and tools for GC/MS on, for other instruments refer to Collection of Support Documents on




    Collection of GC/MS Resources



    GC/MS Hardware Troubleshooting & Maintenance


    7000Triple Quad Troubleshooting & Maintenance Manual

    70x0Troubleshooting & Maintenance Manual

    5977B Series MSD Troubleshooting & Maintenance Manual

    7200 Q-TOF Troubleshooting & Maintenance Manual



    GC/MS Application Resources


    Sample Preparation Fundamentals for Chromatography

    7000/ 7010 Series Triple Quadrupole GC/MS Quick Start

    MassHunter Workstation Software – Data Acquisition for 7000 Series Triple Quad GC/MS Familiarization Guide

    MassHunter Workstation Unknowns Analysis Familiarization Guide

    7000 and 7010 Series TQ System Site Preparation Checklist

    7250A-Site Preparation Checklist

    7200 Series GC QTOF System Site Preparation Checklist

    5977 Series MSD Site Preparation Checklist






    MS Explained – Spectral Interpretation

    MS Explained – Method Development

    MS Explained - Relative Abundance

    MS Explained - Evaluation of Acquired Spectra

    MS Explained - Library Search

    MS Explained - Mass of a Water Molecule

    MS Explained - Setting the Proper Threshold

    MS Explained - Maintaining System Performance

    MS Explained – The Ion Source

    MS Explained – The Mass Spectrometer

    MS Explained – Initial Evaluation

    MS Explained – The Data System

    MS Explained – Simple Mass Spectrum

    MS Explained – Tuning

    MS Explained – Scan Mode and SIMM Mode

    MS Explained - Accountability

    MS Explained – The Detector