Agilent Community Best Practices

Version 5

    We need your help to keep the Agilent Community organized.  Here are some suggestions that will help keep things running smoothly.



    Always Search First

    Your question may have already been answered.  Utilize the powerful search in the top right of the site to see all relevant threads, documents, and videos across the Agilent Community.



    Add Tags and Categories

    When you post a question or document, add keywords (tags) to help others find your content. This should include words you think users would use to search. Add your tags in the text box, then select them from the popup list or enter them separated by a comma.  When you have your tags populated in the text box, click the Update Tags button.



    In each Technology and Application area there are folders (categories) set that you can choose to apply to your content.  These can serve as search filters to help narrow down results.



    Select a Correct Answer to Your Question

    After others graciously respond, please make sure to go back to your post and select the reply that you would consider as the correct answer to the question you asked.  Use the Correct Answer button on the reply to flag it.  This gives credit and points to the user that helped you as well as makes the answer more visible across the community.



    You can also select Helpful replies on your thread or on threads posted by other users.


    Protect Your Privacy

    You can interact by replying from your email client.  However, make sure to remove your email signature when you reply or it will be inserted into the post revealing your personal contact information and making you a target for SPAM and unwanted marketing.  We also encourage all users to review the community Privacy Settings. If you want to exchange private information with another user please reference How to send a Private Message in the Agilent Community.



    Report Spam and Abuse

    If you see spam, abuse, profanity or anything else not appropriate use the Report Abuse links available to report them.  It will quarantine the material and notify us to review it.



    Other Helpful Tips

    After you complete the registration process:



    Give Us Feedback

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    If you have questions or problems with the mechanics of this site: