How to create an account for the Agilent Community

Version 7

    Registering for the Agilent Community is easy.  The steps below outline the process to create an account.


    1 - Click "Register"
    2 - Enter email address
    3 - Click link in email

    If you don't see the email within a few minutes, check your SPAM, Junk Mail, and quarantine folders for an email from the address

    4 - Fill out form



    Benefits of Registering


    Registration requirements

    • The Agilent Community is open to all users with a legitimate interest in Agilent's technology, as well as Agilent employees and partners.
    • The community is open to people across the globe, but we currently only support English language discussions and materials
    • All users must use their real names and affiliations when registering (company/university/institute/etc.).  The user's first and last name is hidden from other users and only the username is displayed across the community unless a user changes this in the Privacy section of their profile.  The email address, home address, and phone number fields are all completely private and hidden. See Privacy Settings in the Agilent Community for more information.
    • To ensure a high-quality environment focused on Agilent's technology and applications, recruiters, advertisers, promoters, and competitors are not allowed in the  community.