Collection of LC (HPLC) Resources

Version 41

    Here is a "best of" collection of links to manuals and tools for HPLC on, for other instruments refer to Collection of Support Documents on


    Collection of LC (HPLC) Resources



    LC Troubleshooting


    LC Hardware and Miscellaneous Documents

    LC Hardware Manual LinksCollection of current LC hardware manuals
    LC Firmware/ToolsDownload link  LC-Firmware and tools including the famous Lab Advisor
    Agilent 1100/1200/1290 Series Firmware UpdatesInformation  Firmware Update
    LC Firmware Background informationBackground information for Firmware
    HPLC Maintenance VideosStep by step videos on 1260 LC maintenance on Youtube
    1100 Series LC and LC/MS Maintenance VideosStep by step videos on 1100 LC maintenance


    LC Application resources

    LC HandbookLC application primer

    Solutions for Preparative HPLC - Application Compendium

    Application compendium for preparative LC
    Optimize binary pumpOptimization of LC and LC/MS
    HPLC Separation FundamentalsBasics of LC separation
    New to HPLC Tips for Avoiding Beginner PitfallsEssentials for new LC users
    LC Troubleshooting Series Retention Time ShiftsBest practice to troubleshoot retention time shifts
    LC Column Troubleshooting – Isolating the Source of the ProblemBest practice to troubleshoot column related problems
    Best practice fundamentals for using an LC-systemBest practice fundamentals for using an LC-system

    Sample preparation fundamentals for chromatography

    Handbook covering many different sample preparation technologies
    Agilent LC Application finderApplication notes selection tool
    Principles in preparative HPLC A primer for principles in preparative HPLC
    Your reference guide to the Analysis of biopharmaceuticals and biomoleculesAgilent BioHPLC column selection guide
    Method Transfer analytical HPLC to preparative HPLCApplication note for method transfer
    Solutions for preparative HPLC Application compendium
    How to set up an LC method screening campaign with Method Scouting WizardAgilent Method Scouting Wizard Tutorial Series on Youtube

    Agilent Interact (Virtual LC Simulation)


    LC Catalogs and Parts Finder


    Agilent Collection of Columns, Supplies, and Standards Resources


    InfinityLab LC Supplies catalogConsumables catalog
    Agilent LC Capillary Finder

    LC capillary search tool, more comprehensive overview on current LC

    capillary portfolio in LC supplies catalog.

    Agilent Vial Selector / FinderSelection tool for vials, caps and septa fitting your application
    Agilent LC Column finderFind the best column for your application
    Agilent Filter Selector / FinderFind the best filter for your application


    "How-to" documents in the Agilent Community prepared from your Agilent Service Engineers

    How to perform a cold startStep for step manual to perform a cold start


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