Privacy Settings in the Agilent Community

Version 15

    Safe guards are in place within the Agilent Community to protect your privacy. Only your username is visible to those not logged into the community.



    For users that are logged in, your username, company, job title, state, and city are visible. These 4 fields are shown from the pop-up box that appears whenever someone who is currently logged in hovers the mouse over your username anywhere they see it in the community.



    These fields, among others, are also visible to logged-in users on your profile page.



    Your name and email address are hidden from other users by default. If you choose to do so, you can make your name visible as well as change the visibility for other profile fields through the Privacy page. Access this page by clicking the avatar icon at top of the site, and then going to Edit Profile. On the resulting page, click the Privacy tab.



    On the Privacy page, any fields that have a drop down box allow you to change the visibility. Just remember to click the Finished button after making any changes to save them to your profile.



    The table below lists the different privacy configuration options.

    Privacy SettingDescription
    EveryoneAnyone can see this field, even users who are not logged into the site.
    Registered UsersAny user who is currently logged into the site can see this field.
    FriendsOnly users that you have made a connection with by "Following" them can see this option.
    YourselfNo users can see this field. It is private only to you and the site administrators.


    For privacy and SPAM reasons, "Email Address" is a field that is private, hidden from other users, and the visibility cannot be modified.


    If you would like to exchange email addresses with another user, please send them a private message instead. You need to Follow the other user and they have to also Follow you before you are able to send private messages. For more information on private messages, please see this document:How to send a Private Message in the Agilent Community


    The Agilent Community allows you to interact by replying to posts from your email client. However, make sure to remove your email signature when you reply or it will be inserted into the post revealing your personal contact information and making you a target for SPAM and unwanted marketing.


    For information on Agilent's privacy policy, please see the link below: