Email notifications for tags

Version 4

    The Agilent Community offers a way to subscribe to email notifications for content with a particular tag applied to it. This is done through a custom "Stream".  The table below outlines the steps to configure a custom Stream and enable email alerts.


    Step 1 – Go to the News page (
    Step 2 – Click the + symbol to create a new “Stream”
    Step 3 – Click the “OK, Got It” button
    Step 4 – Give the Stream a relevant name
    Step 5 – Type the tag you want to follow in the search box
    Step 6 - Click the Tags link

    Step 7 – Click the Add button next to the tag you want in the stream (you can have multiple). You can also add People or Places to the Stream.












    Once you add a tag, a place, or a person they will show up in the Stream configuration. To remove an item from the stream, just hover the mouse over it and click the x.




    Step 8 – To enable emails for this Stream, check the Email box
    Step 9 - Click the Done button


    You should now receive emails for any content with the tag applied.  If you would like to see a feed of the content with this tag, just go back to the News page and click on the Stream you created.