DAMethod Register Export

Document created by hebgent Champion on Mar 17, 2017
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The attach macro will print the contents of the DAMethod register.


I wrote this because I was creating a custom report and the text element "Ref. Comp. used for Quantification of UnKnowns" doesn't return what you'd think it would (I'd only get a Null string).  After looking in the "Macro Programming Guide" it listed the location of that value in _DAMethod[1],QuantParm,UnkComp (It's suppose to be a link to the compound number for the response factor).  But that table header only returned a NULL and the guide didn't list any other possible location for that parameter.  Knowing is must be in the register I wrote this macro print all data from the _DAMethod registers.


FYI, my value was in _DAMethod[1],Signal,UnkComp (which isn't documents it the programming guide).  I then wrote a macro to return that header and used the "Computed text" element to report it back to the custom report.  I found this useful a few other times when I was trying to find the correct location and structure of other data in the register.


If you use this make sure your printing to a pdf converter or something because you'll get 30 - 50 pages.


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