How to ...  setup an array of compound specific parameters

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In cases where you require several compound specific parameters to be used in a result calculation you can take advantage the parameter file import function available in OpenLAB CDS 2.


Users of OpenLAB CDS rev. A can achieve the same by defining a set of report parameters (strings) and extraction of the compound specific  parameters.

E.g. you  like to use the parameters Expected amount (ExpAmt) and standard deviation (STDV) for compound specific result validation. The following values are given:

Compound number
Compound nameMethanolEthanolPropanol
Expected amount34.7120.43.01


To slice these numbers into your template:

- Define 3 Report parameters in string format:

Compounds:      |01|Methanol|02|Ethanol|03|Propanol|

ExpAmt:               34.7|120.4|3.01

STDV:                  1.3|1.7|2.2


- Generate a group repeated on "compound_name"

- Within the group use the following command to extract the compound number from the "compounds"variable:


The result can be stored in a variable (e.g. CmpNbr) to be used to extract the compound specific values from the parameters ExpAmt and STDV:





For larger parameter sets it can be tedious write up the parameter strings, but this could be simplified by setting up a table with the pipe signs and numbers in the spreadsheet application of your choice and simply copy/paste it line by line to the report parameter input dialog.