How to ... auto-extract signals from a UV iso-absorbance plot

Version 2

    In order to extract a chromatogram at any collected wavelength you could use the procedure below.

    Caution: The wavelength specific data density of the UV file is typically smaller compared to a single signal file. This typically results in a lower S/N ratio and it's not recommended to use such extracted signals for quantification.



    • In Data Analysis view got to menu Spectra > Isoabsorbance plot
    • Extract the signal from iso-absorbance by changing the cursor to “signal” and enter the wavelength and bandwidth setting.  This will activate the COPY button

    extract signal.png

    • Press the Copy button and close the iso-absorbance plot window
    • Integrate the extracted chromatogram
    • Calibrate the extracted signal (this action will copy the correct syntax to Calibration > Signal Details)
    • Delete the calibration table, in case you don’t need it. The Signal Details are kept.

    When loading another data file and the View > Preferences are set to "Load signals using signal details", the chromatogram gets automatically extracted when loading a data file with appropriate spectral data